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Cyclops/White Queen

Okay, okay, okay.

I HATE this ship with a hatred that knows no bounds. Maybe because I want to see Emma as the awsome villian that she used to be. Maybe because I actually like Jean and think that she actually deserved a chance to be happy in her life. Maybe because at one time I liked Cyclops and wanted to think that he was the kind of guy who wouldn't cheat on his wife (when carrying on a mental affair with a telepath, especially when one is married to a telepath, it is the same thing as actually doing it...). I would have thought he would have given her the dignity of least devorcing her before jumping into the mental bed with the White Skank Queen.

Emma was brought to the X-Men for one reason: They wanted a bad girl. I am firmly convinced of that. Cyclops was made into an asshole because they didn't think he was edgy enough or something.

If they bring Jean back again, she should settle down with Hank. He'd appreciate her.
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