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I don't rant in this LJ very often, but I have to now!

The last issue of Uncanny X-Men actually caused me to feel physical pain while reading it! Just about every backwoods/hick stereotype is used, just short of having Husk sleeping with one of her brothers (of course, with the sudden appearance of a Warren-esc mutation in bro Joshua, I wouldn't rule it out yet)!

I am a die hard X-fan. Really. Which is why I have been putting up with the CRAP ASS writing of Austen for this long, but this last storyline has just been too much. Romeo and Juliet is fine and dandy as a base for a story, but don't mix it with cheesy dialog, and situations. In all honesty, I am seriously thinking about dropping Uncanny, dispite it being the comic that Nightcrawler is in.

The whole Husk/Archangel thing... That just creeps me out. Technically isn't he nearly old enough to be her dad or something? She's 19, he's gotta be pushing 35 as a lowball figure..? Not like there was much leading up to it anyway. Husk shows up at the X-Mansion, just a few issues down the road they're an item. Yeah, makes a lot of sense.

Like all the secondary mutation stuff. Beast's almost makes sense. He had an unnatural mutation (blue fur) to start with. But what's with Warren getting a healing factor? Bobby's made sense. It was just an extension of his original power. Are they trying to find a way to make Warren not be lame? It's not working. They want to make Warren cool? Try making him mutate into a way he could really fly! BIG frickin' wings! Lots of feathers! Give him some talons and have him mutate into a flippin' bird-man. Give Beast some company in the animal-esc mutants. Then deal with Bobby's secondary mutation. His body got blown up, he reformed it, so what happened to the secondary mutation? Hmm? Loose plot thread here!

And just for the hell of it, why can't Austen give Northstar something besides and unrequited secret-crush on Bobby?

Cripes. I love my X-Men, I really do. But not if they keep getting run into the ground like this.
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